Self-portrait of photographer Douglas Urner with his assistant and interpreter on location in Beijing, China, 2005.

Self-portrait with my assistant & interpreter. Beijing, 2005.

Living in Gig Harbor, with a bit of water between us and Seattle affords me the opportunity to do a broader scope of work than I might do in a bigger market. I have strong interests in product, food and architectural photography — interests that are tied together by a deep appreciation of fine craft and things well made. A great deal of my product work focuses on creating images of works of art and craft, it is a rare priviliage to get to spend time with these amazing objects and to get to know their creators.

I've returned to photography after many years in high-tech; as a software engineer, and later in technical marketing and software product management. I find my marketing experience invaluable in helping my clients clarify their ideas for images.

My background in high tech has provided me with and strong computer skills and an understanding of the technology underlying digital photography. I'm also available for consulting on digital asset management, color management, and workflow automation and also for assisting.

I teach photography at Mt. Rainier High School and serve on the advisory committee to the photography program at South Kitsap High School.